Neural Network Applied to Q&A Column

A little while back I came across an interesting post on the use of recurrent neural networks to generate text character by character after having been fed some sample text to train on. For example, the entire works of Shakespeare were used as training data, and it produced sample output such as:

Alas, I think he shall be come approached and the day
When little srain would be attain'd into being never fed,
And who is but a chain and subjects of his death,
I should not sleep.

Second Senator:
They are away this miseries, produced upon my soul,
Breaking and strongly should be buried, when I perish
The earth and thoughts of many states.

I thought I would give the neural network a try myself. The question became, what text should I try to use? Something with a distinctive pattern would produce the most recognizable output.

It occurred to me one day to use the Deadspin Funbag Q&A column. It follows the pattern of having someone write in a question, enclosed in a blockquote, followed by an answer. The columnist also has a distinctive style, frequently using certain phrases, and peppering the text with all caps sentence fragments, like “WHAT A COINCIDENCE”.

The neural network uses a single text file for training. So the first step is to scrape the website for every column, extract the relevant data from the HTML, and glue them altogether into a single file.

I used the scrapy package in Python to create a web spider to crawl the Deadspin site and collect all of the URLs for the Funbag columns. Then for each URL, I extracted the data that lived in the paragraph and blockquote HTML tags, ignoring everything else on the page. I used Beautiful Soup to pull out the HTML since I was already comfortable with the package, although I think I could’ve stuck with scrapy to do it too.

With all of the HTML data sanitized into 431 separate files, I concatenated them all together in the shell, and the final 10 MB file was then ready for processing. The neural network is available as Torch and Lua code. There are also helpful installation instructions for OS X. Unfortunately I ran into a run-time error after installation, but luckily the fix mentioned by the commenter “tbornt” worked.

The model took about 14 hours to train on my Macbook using the CPU. It would probably take a lot less time using a desktop with a decent graphics card. The Torch code supports CUDA with NVIDIA GPUs.

The output includes some HTML tags. Besides the blockquote and paragraph tags, there are also URL tags, bold and italics tags. These polluted the output a bit since they weren’t always closed promptly. Here’s an example of the output:


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The model generally picked up the right structure, and even formed conventional names for the emailers most of the time. It also picked up on all caps phrases, and frequently appearing characters like Peyton Manning. The spelling and grammar could stand to use some improvement however. Nonetheless, the model knew nothing about English before training, so it’s still impressive it can get this close.

A more powerful model could be used by tweaking some parameters, such as the number of hidden units, and number of layers in the RNN. Although I think I would need a more powerful computer for this. It’s also possible to adjust the “temperature” of the output when sampling from the model, which can control how loose the text structure is. It might also help to sanitize the data a bit more and remove extraneous unicode characters. Here’s another sample:


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